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Box art for nuel's funy donks volume 1

Box art for nuel's funy donks volume 1 nuel's Funy Donks vol. 1 featured

Now here's a pack you can show to your mama. I spent some time in Ableton stringing unholy devices together and created a little collection of impact sounds suitable for some mild hardcore or some brave techno.

Use them however you see fit. Crediting me is optional (but it'd be real nice of you!)

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Size 4.3MB
Type .zip
Date 21 Nov 2022

Fonts iconfonts.zip featured

Every font I have ever made, in one convenient package! Also available as a GitHub repo.

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Size 77KB
Type .zip
Date 06 Feb 2021

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zip file essays.zip
Fun grab bag of essays in PDF form. Includes things written by Paul Preciado, Sylvia Wynter, Denise Riley and more.
89.6 MB · 13 Jan 2021
zip file some-unreleased-tracks.zip
A couple of unreleased tracks bundled together, made for various people to use in installations or videos. Selyíhsí Ne Ter made together with Rex.
53.2 MB · 10 Sep 2020
mp3 file mixxxxxxxxx.mp3
Live set for the Return to the Aquarium event at Melon Computer
22.2 MB · 25 Mar 2020
mp3 file for-rex.mp3
One of my fav sets ever, created for my wonderful friend Rex
47.5 MB · 17 Oct 2019
mp3 file dollhousemixGONEWRONGnotclickbait.mp3
Made this mix for a cute evening at the Dollhouse in The Hague
28.7 MB · 29 Sep 2019
pdf file How_To_Do_Things_With_Worlds__Nuel_van_Gelder_de_Neufville.pdf
Art school thesis with a lot of Wittgenstein
321 KB · 20 Mar 2019